Hello, I'm Minh H. Nguyen, a minimal marketing advocate

Minimal Marketing is a content hub that I write about my life journey with minimalism and its application in marketing. Herein, I present thoughts and best practices drawn from practical experience of both teaching and working.



The New Normality of Marketing and Business

For the past two months I have been overwhelmed by the Covid-19 pandemic news from literally all over the media. From my morning podcast routine to the Internet which I spend a majority of my daytime to work with and even in the dinning conversation I have with...

Rebranding – Misconceptions from The Local Business’s Point of View

The year 2019 marks a complete change of Wisdom Agency from a digital agency into a strategy-led agency as we have been involved in many rebranding projects. I personally also have my honour to be seated in the board of management assisting some of those companies with the internal...


Minimal Marketing is a blog that I write about my life journey with minimalism and its applicability in marketing to celebrate my ten-year anniversary in this field. The journey has been rewarding and it helps me realise both the bright and dark sides of this work.

Sand Clock Strategy (Part 2) – Brand Planning

I wrote the first article of Sand Clock Series about communications to share my understanding on how consistent models can help to fast-track the planning and support creativity in the whole process of project management of an agency. However, I believe that if one can...

Middle-sized Companies and Misconceptions about Strategy

I had 8 years working in marketing agency for both global and local large-sized corporations. The work was fun but I realised that its contributed value to my clients’ businesses might not be much because working in agencies I was only allocated a small...