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About Minimal Marketing

Minimal Marketing is a blog that I write about my life journey with minimalism and its applicability in marketing to celebrate my ten-year anniversary in this field. The journey has been rewarding and it helps me realise both the bright and dark sides of this work.

The bright side is that marketing is a very intellectual job, especially for those that work in marketing service sector since they have the opportunities to work in different industries and gain tremendous amount of knowledge and insights which later on would be very beneficial. For a marketer, each day going to work is a new day that one can have a chance to meet new people and learn new knowledge and skills. Besides, if one has worked in the industry long enough, let’s say 10 years, he could have the freedom of work that allows him to work as a freelancer with multiple clients and achieve a desirable income.

On the contrary, the job also has some major drawbacks on its dark side, one of which is the high level of irrationality in every corner of the work. Take customer as an example, they are driven by all the advertisements in their daily lives to make purchase decisions that favours only the brands, not their real needs and demands. Yet they think that they are always the person in charge. Take client as an example, they spend an enormous amount of time elaborating on strategies for branding and digital marketing but usually forgetting that at the end of the day it is effective execution that accounts for success, not the dubious planning process that they have usually thrown at that beginning of the business. Finally take agency personnel as an example, they usually spend an excessive amount of time brainstorming ideas and proposing various concepts in search for greatness. But at the end of the day, not much of the brainstorming and planning happen the way that they are expected to happen in the actual world.

I believe there are shortcuts in marketing that one can take to enjoy all the advantages of this work and at the same time avoid making the same mistakes that marketers frequently make. Simply put, I call this method – the Minimal Marketing Philosophy


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