Thursday, May 30, 2024


Generation Z – Perspectives from the Professor in the Lecture Hall and the Mentor in the Workplace

As someone who has recently been involved in training and working with young people in my own business, I find Gen Z to be more valuable than blameworthy. In today's era, we, as adults, tend to label them with...

Value Shift (Part 2): Consciousness and Energy

Who am I in this vast realm of existence? Amidst pain, seeking forgetfulness in bustling places. Chasing success amidst life's turbulent waves. But I've forgotten, the consciousness resides within me. In my previous writings, I shared about the changes in my worldview and...

TPC – Why Process Needs A Name To Really Work

September 6, 2015 I have to admit for the LinkedIn's articles recently have become too general for me which urged to share something specific to marketing service industry so that it can be more beneficial to some of my peers. I've worked...

The Art of War vs. The Art of Governance

This is solely the reflective writing upon two books that I have read recently. Personally I have two great for life; the first is about how people think and behave, the second is about how they plan for the...

Middle-sized Companies and Misconceptions about Strategy

I had 8 years working in marketing agency for both global and local large-sized corporations. The work was fun but I realised that its contributed value to my clients’ businesses might not be much because working in agencies I...

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