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­­The New Normality of Marketing and Business – Part 3

When the Covid19 epidemic first hit the world, then Vietnam, in early 2020, I published the first two articles for "The New Normality of Marketing and Business." The first focused on some...

Vietnamese Brand Took The Opportunity To Prepare For Post-Crisis Reset

Remembering all those great “2020 visions” we had before this new decade? Although corona virus has pushed many brands in different unexpected directions, It is still a great opportunity for well-prepared companies...

Pitch To Win or Pitch To Lose

July was a good month for the marketing in Vietnam as activities resumed in some sectors and then we are hit gain by the pandemic in the second half of it. This...

When Chess Teaches Marketing About The Principles of Strategy

Do you play chess? Do you work in marketing? These are two basic questions that I strongly recommend everyone to ask themselves before heading down into the details. Throughout human history of conflict and warfare,...

B2B & Use Social Media To Sell? Start with Internal Marketing

Yeah I totally mean it! And the very good case-study is my own company - IDM Vietnam. I never thought of this matter until one...

When Music Teaches Marketing The Art of “Integration”

Jan 1, 2015 The idea came to me during a musical practice session, a habit that I've kept for 15 years as a guitar...