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The New Normality of Marketing and Business

For the past two months, I have been overwhelmed by the COVID-19 pandemic news constantly updated via all media and also mentioned regularly in my morning podcast routine, in the dinning conversation...

Middle-sized Companies and Misconceptions about Strategy

I had 8 years working in marketing agency for both global and local large-sized corporations. The work was fun but I realised that its contributed value to my clients’...

When Chess Teaches Marketing About The Principles of Strategy

Do you play chess? Do you work in marketing? These are two basic questions that I strongly recommend everyone to ask themselves before heading down into the details. Throughout...

The Art of War vs. The Art of Governance

This is solely the reflective writing upon two books that I have read recently. Personally I have two great for life; the first is about how people think and behave,...

B2B & Use Social Media To Sell? Start with Internal Marketing

Yeah I totally mean it! And the very good case-study is my own company - IDM Vietnam. I never thought of this matter until one...

TPC – Why Process Needs A Name To Really Work

Sep 6, 2015 I have to admit for the LinkedIn's articles recently have become too general for me which urged to share something specific to marketing service...